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With the blessing of Lord Ganesha ekmev.com has completed its four years of success, giving knowledge about Lord Ganesha to its believers.
ekmev.com provides information about the existence of Lord Ganesha, the reason why lord Ganesha is worshiped before all other Gods, the traditional way of doing Puja, the main ingredients used for Puja & also its medicinal use. It also contains Sanskrit Mantras, Shlokas, Vidhi’s etc. We have also covered a wide range of historic Ganesha temples all over world. Yashodhan Web Creations research team has worked hard to touch the sentiments of peoples by giving the site a real holy look. Besides this there are more than 3000 photographs of Lord Ganesha. We have also interviewed famous personalities, young generation and have collected their views and ideas about Lord Ganesha and its festival. Yashodhan Web Creations takes constant efforts to update the site by providing current information and news regarding Ganesha festival to attract more visitors again and again.
In recent we have added new features to our site like video clips of the most famous festival celebrated all over Maharashtra. We are also adding chat room facility to discuss on various issues related to Lord Ganesha & its festival. The Whole website is around 1200 pages. This year we are launching the English version of the website. Its now 40000 visitors visit this website per week. We are taking constant efforts to make this site more popular. In this season more then 6 lakh people will visit this site from all over the world ekmev.com is playing roll of new media.
This year we are offering banner advertisement on each page to collect the funds to develop this project further. Promotion of your company, organization or shop on our site means targeting lakhs of people all over the world and making perfect publicity at this time.

Our Charges For Banner Advertisement :

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Main Page Of each Section Rs. 60000/- Rs. 64000/-
Inside Pages Of Various Section Rs. 20000/- Rs. 24000/-
Sponsoring Gallery Page Rs. 48000/- Rs. 52000/-
Sponsoring News Page Rs. 32000/- Rs. 35000/-
Sponsoring Whole Section Rs. 200000/- Rs. 220000/-
Separate Web Page(Linked with Banner Adv.) Rs. 8000/-


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