Shri Vihneshwar Ozer


This temple is approximately 70 miles from Pune on the Pune-Nashik Road.
The Legend:

In ancient times, there used to be a demon called Vighnasur who had become a menace for the sages who pleaded help from Ganesha and the Lord responded to the call. He had a tremendous duel with the demon after which Vighnasur surrendered but pleaded Ganapati to attach his name to his own. Ganesha accepted the demon as one of his own and hence the Ganapati here is called as Vighneshwar, Vighnaharta and Vighnahar.

The Temple:

This temple is one of the most beautiful temples of the Lord. There are two guards on two sides of the gate. Beyond a grand entrance lies a huge courtyard. The temple is covered with delicate paintings and carvings. The idol faces east while the trunk points towards the left. The idol’s eyes are made of precious gems and its forehead is decorated with diamonds and other jewels.


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