Shri Varadvinayak Mahad


The Mahadcha Shree Varadavinayak temple is located on the Pune-Bombay Highway.
The Legend:

In ancient times, King Rukmangad reached the ashram of Vachaknavi Rishi and met Mukunda, wife of an ascetic, Mukunda was attracted to the king but the King refused and spurned her. A dejected Mukunda cursed the king that he’d be stricken by leprosy forever. Later, the king’s leprosy was cured by bathing at the Kadamba pond.

Lord Indra too was attracted by the beauty of Mukunda and he came down to the earth disguised as Rukmangad. Their union lead to the birth of a child called Gruthsmadh. When Gruthsmadh came to know about this, he cursed his mother and went into the Bhadrak forest for meditation. He asked Lord Vinayaka for purgation of his sin and his wish was granted. In order to fulfil the desire of his people, Gruthsmadh adopted the forest of Bhadrak. This forest is today called Mahad. Since this is the place where Gruthsmadh was granted his wish, the temple is called Varadavinayak.

The Temple:

This is a beautiful temple although it looks drab from outside. All corners of the temple have elephants in pairs and its sections are scrolled in gold. The stone statues of Riddhi and Siddhi can be seen after entering the door. The idol faces east, with the trunk pointing left while it sits on a throne. The most unique attraction of the temple is a lamp that is burning constantly since 1892 AD


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