Shri Moreshwar Moregaon


The foremost shrine is Moreshwar of Morgaon, about 64 kms from Pune. It was built in the 14th century by Morya Gosavi who installed it at Chinchwad.
The Morgaon village, which is approximately forty miles away from Pune, was named after peacocks found abundantly in the village. This avtaar of Vinayaka figures amongst the most important ones.

The Legend:

Legend about this temple has it that a demon called Sindhu was terrorising people and the Gods appealed to the Vinayaka asking Him to save them from the monster. Consequently, Ganapati rode on a peacock to kill the demon and is, hence, called “Mayureshwar” or one who rides the peacock.

It is also believed that the idol within the temple is not the original one. It is believed that “Brahma”, had installed an idol of precious metal, jewels and iron. However, the Pandavas hid it and installed a copper one when they were here for their pilgrimage. And this is the idol that is seen today.

The Temple:

On entering the temple, one can see a large stone mouse facing Ganapati. It has pillars in all the four corners. The temple, facing north, is protected by a 50 feet fortress-like stone wall. There is a garland of lamps on the designed floor in the courtyard. The Lord’s idol faces east and the trunk points towards the left. The Ganapati here holds an elephant spear in one of its upper hands while there is a bridle in the other.

His lower hand rest on His knee while the other one holds a modak. Diamonds are set in the eyes and navel of the God and a cobra is coiled on His head. Brass statues of his wives- Riddhi Siddhi and – are placed on either side.


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