Shri Girijatmaja Lenyadri


Located on the Pune-Nashik highway about 150 kms from Pune, the Lekhan Hills is a beautiful area. It is rightly called as “Lenaya Parvat” or beautiful hills.
The Legend:

The wife of Shiva and mother of Ganesha, Girija (Parvati), wanted to see her son as a baby. She did austere meditation for 12 years on the Lenyadri Mountains and pleased Ganesha. Consequently, she was granted her boon. Parvati prayed to the Ganesha, who appeared before her as the baby Ganapati. The child had six hands and three eyes. Ganesha lived here for 12 years as the child of Girija. There are many legends depicting his victories on several demons while he was still a child. The place has become sacred due to God’s presence as a child here for 12 years.

The Temple:

This temple is located on the Lenyadri hills and one has to climb 283 steps to reach here. The entire temple is built out of stone. There is a beautiful hall in front of the temple and it is dominated by stone pillars. There is a carving of the God, which has become blurred. There are no independent idols of the Lord here. Parvati is believed to have installed an idol in the cave where she was granted the boon by Ganesha. This cave is difficult to reach now.


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