Shri Chintamani Thevoor


At Theur, Morya Gosavi is believed to have attained siddhi (knowledge). The temple was built by his son Chintamani Dev. Theur is one of the most ancient areas of Maharashtra and is around 30 kms away from Pune.
The Legend:

A king, called Abhijeet, was asked by Saint Vaishampayan to meditate for a son. His wife Gunavati soon gave birth to a son and the prince was named Gunn. Gunn grew up into a hard-working, brave prince and one day he went to the ashram of sage Kapil. Kapil invoked the Chintamani jewel and prepared a feast of five delicacies for the prince. The prince craved for the jewel and when Kapil refused to part with it, he snatched it from the sage. The sage sought the help of Ganesha and the Lord defeated the young prince and returned the Chintamani to the sage. The sage, however, refused to accept it and Ganesha then took the name Chintamani and made the Kadamba tree in the ashram his abode.

The Temple:

Shir Chinmayananda of Chinchwad built this temple and the hall of the temple was built by Madhavrao Peshwa. The Peshwa also built a road stretching from the main door to the river near by. Sections of the temple are ornamented with gold. The body of the idol has no clear feature formation. There was a residential palace of Bajirao Peshwa near the temple. He died here in 1772, following which his wife Ramabai committed Sati. Ramabai’s memorial is at the river bank.

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