Parel Cha Raja ( Narepark )


Nare Park (Parel Cha Raja)
Nare Park Cha Raja is popularly known as Parel cha Raja. Their specialty of Ganpati is the murti of idol is always in a standing position. The Ganesh idol is very attractive to Mumbaikars because of its standing pose like a “Raja’.

The height of Ganesh murti is 31-feet long. Asked if BMC posed a problem over the height, Baban Tawde, president of Nare Park said, “We are taking care of the murti and this year we have increased the height of idol but we are also taking precautions.”

“The idol of Ganesha is 22-feet but the prabhaval is a craze in today’s date. We are concentrating on that. We got the idea that if we have to increase the height of idol we have to do something. This year, our prabaval is more attractive because we have made a Mahalakshmi idol on prabhaval which can go up and down. When the bridge or trees come, we can take the prabaval down through remote”.

Parel Cha Raja 2017 | Parel Cha Raja Aagman Sohala 2017

Parel Cha Raja 2017 | Aagman sohala 2017

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