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Ganesh Chaturthi 2017: Bollywood Celebs Who Welcome Bappa

Ganesh Chaturthi is around the corner and our favourite celebrities are all ready to bring Lord Ganesh at their home on the big day....


Ganesh and Kubera

Kubera, the god of wealth, was very proud of his boundless fortune. One day, he organized a gorgeous dinner; among other famous guests, the...

Ganeshji at My Home


Ganesh Arrival and Celebration

Experience the celebration of Ganesh Arrival 2015. Huge Creative Idols of Lord Ganesh are on the way to come home. Devotees are dancing on...

Ganesh Festival 2014

Khattar Galli Org. Celebrating 50 Years of its festival. Famous Idol for the perfect eyes from last so many years won various awards. Great Attraction...

Ganeshji at My Home


Omkar Swarupa (Suresh Wadkar)

Omkar Swarupa (Suresh Wadkar)

About Ekmev

With the blessing of Lord Ganesha has completed its 17 years of success, giving knowledge about Lord Ganesha to its believers. Yashodhan Website Creations Creator...

Ganesh Festival 2014 Part 2

Ganesh Darshan from of famous places of mumbai. Khattar Galli Ganesh Celebrating 50 Years, Bhuleshwar Ganesh, Parmanand Wadi.
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Shri Vitthal Aarti (1)

Vikhrolicha Maharaja 2017

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Parel Cha Raja ( Narepark )

Parel Cha Raja ( Narepark ) 2017 Nare Park (Parel Cha Raja) Nare Park Cha Raja is popularly known as Parel cha Raja. Their specialty of...

Mumbai Ganesh Darshan 2016

Excellent and Creative Top Ganesh Idols from Mumbai

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