Ganpati Procession In Mumbai (1946) Video


Good General pan shot of North Bombay taken from Malabar hill. MS Indians gathering and greeting friends at the foot of the Hindu temple in the centre of the city. Pan up to top of the temple. CU a sacred cow eating in the street. MS the procession of decorated lorries and Indians on foot, with umbrellas up, passing through the streets. LS Back view of natives clad only in loin cloths, balancing idols on their heads, marching down to the sea at Chowpatty beach to immerse the idols in the water. VS of police stopping people and checking them for weapons – presumably worried about Communal violence. MS a decorated lorry bearing an effigy on it of Subhas Chandra Bose making its way through crowds on the beach. VS Police stopping lorries cyclists etc., as crossroads and searching them for weapons. More shots of parades – many lorries carry effigies of the good Ganesh. More shots of parade at beach.


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