Ganesh and the River Kaveri


Ganesh and the River Kaveri
In order to supply water to the arid southern regions, the Sage Agastya, with the blessings of Brahma, got from Shiva a few sacred water which filled his kamandalu .
He journeyed to southern regions of the country, hoping to find a suitable place to create a high flow river. Thus he reached the Kodagu (Coorg) mountains.
On the way, he hailed a young boy who was passing by. In fact, the boy was Ganesh disguised. The Sage requested the boy to carry carefully his water pot, because he wanted to find an isolated toilet place.
Ganesh was aware that Agastya expected to create a river; the place where they were seemed to be favorable. So, he put the kamandalu on the ground.
A crow, passing by, landed on the pot edge. When he came back, Agastya expelled the bird which, taking off, spilled the kamandalu. When it poured, this small quantity of water became the Kaveri river.
The place, still considered as a sacred one, is known as Talakaveri.

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